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Imperial Barber Products // Welcome Outsiders

Imperial Barber Products are some of the finest around. It is the product we use on a daily basis and are proud to carry and represent the brand. Below are a couple of their new campaign videos. Be sure to visit the shop page to order your Imperial Barber Products …

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publish mono

Publish // Mono

With the idea of One Color and the contrast of shadows, the Publish Mono collection is simplicity in it most fashionable form. Although the colors are basic, the styles in which they are displayed are just the opposite. Cleanliness is next to godliness and this Publish Mono collection puts us …

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18 Waits FX14 Main

18 Waits // Spirits from the Snow

Knowing the story and/or inspiration behind a brand’s seasonal collection brings a better understanding of the colors, patterns, and fabrics used to tell that specific story. For the 18 Waits Fall Winter Collection “Spirits from the Snow”, the blacks, greys, and whites used transcribe the story and inspirations from the …

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Jack White

Jack White – A Take Away Show

La Blogotheque does it again with an amazing Take Away Show featuring Jack White set amidst the Ch√Ęteau de Fontainebleau in France. The setting is an entire chapel closed to the public with five chairs set in the middle, Jack White sits in the hallway just outside and strums his …

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Weekend Radness

It is our favorite time of the week, Weekend Radness, and we have a good one lined up for you. Tonight we have a couple of rad events going down. First we have the Captain Fin & Thalia Party Night, with the Kook Movie Tour and the release of Beached …

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Dark Seas Main

Dark Seas // Black Waters

With the newest addition to The Dusk, we are stoked to be carrying Loser Machine & Dark Seas. The kick ass step brother of the Loser Machine brand, Dark Seas tributes the working class heroes! Here are some looks from their 2014 Look Book featuring the styles we have at …

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